Ciao, I'm Ash. A jumped up, twenty-something, upstart lead developer at a large firm in the UK, building apps using node.js, react & react-native for internal apps, and tinkering with Go and Rust in my spare time.

I spend a lot of time thinking about infrastructure and DevOps (a term I particularly hate for how hard it gets cargo-culted), and because of this, I love tinkering with CI/CD pipelines (but hate Jenkins).

I'm also passionate about Free Open Source Software (free as in freedom, not as in beer), and am a major stickler for data privacy. This is the reason I selfhost so much of my own stuff - gitlab, nextcloud, email, this blog, irc, I run my own Arch Linux mirror, as well as handling my own VPN server, amongst a handful of other bits, means I'm in control of my own data at all times, and I can trust as little as possible to third parties as necessary.

I'm totally self-taught, so don't have no fancy-schmancy university education or one of them degree-things, but that hasn't stopped me yet. It takes me a little longer to catch up on algorithm's and low-level computer science sometimes, but I still understand pointers, binary trees and log(N).

Fundamentally, I just enjoy building cool shit, coming up with new ideas, and running a team. Here you'll find my thoughts on how to create & run a high-performing Dev team, extolling the virtues of Emacs and FOSS, and discussing architecture and software development concepts.